Local Charities that We Support

Whilst there are several charities here worthy of your support here in Essaouira, there are three that are particularly close to our hearts... We ask that you kindly consider supporting them in any way you can, whether remotely or during your stay in Morocco.


Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge

Jarjeer Mules is a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for many animals in the foothills of the Atlas near Marrakech. All of us at Jarjeer are committed to animal welfare and those within our charge are cared for to exacting standards. Jarjeer is committed to fighting the abuse of working animals and assisting their owners.

All over the developing world, animals support poor families. Donkeys and mules in particular are used to carry heavy loads and toil in the fields in blistering heat. At Jarjeer we offer homes to donkeys and mules who are not able to return to work. We are hoping to finish building more stables and provide safe paddocks so that those in our care can enjoy freedom without being tethered. 

It costs £800 a year to keep one donkey including rabies injections and medical care. Our donkeys do their very best to help ease finances by offering rides to children, accompanying adults on short treks or attending special events. You can help us continue this important work by making a donation or sponsoring a mule/donkey either for yourself or as a gift. For as little as £5 per month you would help pay for essential food, shelter and medical care. 

Jarjeer is grateful for any voluntarily donation willing to support our work. Sponsor an individual donkey or donate money through the charity's UK account:

Donate to Jarjeer Mules

Account Name Jarjeer Mules
Sort Code 05-04-39
Account No. 35275609
IBAN GB34YORK05043935275609

Help the Street Animals of Morocco – HSAM

HSAM’s mission is to create a sustainable and healthy street cat and dog population in and around Essaouira, Morocco.

By sterilising, treating and vaccinating against Rabies we not only give the animals a better quality of life, we offer peace of mind to a local community where the threat of Rabies is very real.

Their approach moves away from the familiar sanctuary/rescue model. HSAM will never see animals confined in cages; instead they return each cat and dog to its familiar surroundings, except those few whose needs require a permanent home, reducing stress and maintaining a stable, healthy population. 

Help the Street Animals of Morocco veterinary procedures are carried out using sterile techniques. They have provided up-to-date equipment and medical supplies from the UK, making each operation as safe as possible for each animal in our care.

Experienced Veterinary personnel and animal handlers travel to Morocco for each trip.

Claire Sedgwick was a finalist for ‘Charity Professional of the Year’ 2016. She was one of just three picked from hundreds of entries!

Donate to HSAM

Please message the team directly via their Facebook page to support this incredible team and their work.

Project 91

Project 91 helps young people in Essaouira to improve their prospects. It all started as a UK charity in 2012 but in 2016 Project 91 became a Moroccan association. 

The aim is to support young people in Essaouira, Morocco to complete their education, develop new skills and find work.

Raise money through their shop at 79 Rue Chbanat, where they sell donated clothes, jewellery and other items donated through the Leave Your Wardrobe in Morocco campaign.

We ask all clients... if you have over packed (or over shopped!) during your stay at Castle in the Sand, please consider dropping excess clothing or other items by way of a donation to the Project 91 shop or leave clearly visible in the house and let Emma know these are intended for the charity.

100% of the sale price of your donated goods goes directly to the charity. With any clothes Project 91 can't sell, they work with local women to upcycle them into sellable ragdolls and 'boucherouite' rag rugs, providing an income.

Alternatively, if you are a non-resident client or general supporter, you can also donate money through the charity's UK account:

Donate to Project 91

Account Name Project 91
Cooperative Bank
Sort Code 08-92-99
Account No. 65497302