“You will not experience anything quite like this!” – Grainne


Awaken your senses...

If you want to experience an authentic part of Berber life, take a morning trip to the nearby locals' souk for a mooch and breakfast in the traditional Berber café. The car park is mostly full of donkeys and the experience is really authentic. Fast becoming one of the most popular days out for our clients, this is very non-touristy (so a little rugged) – you will have an insight into local people and life, outside of the medina walls. We work hard to ensure you leave with some incredible memories and an unrivalled travel experience. Be prepared... this is no ordinary holiday excursion!

Price: 1,200dh up to 4 people (inc. breakfast, transport and guide) / 300dh (taxi only)

What's included?

Breakfast, tea, transport and a guide is included. For the more adventurous, a taxi only!


Berber Souk Gallery


Client Reviews

After a great ‘Bedouin Experience’ my kids and I signed up for another day with Mohamed as our guide and new best friend. He took us to the Berber Souk and we stepped into another world. Unbelievable to find this hub of culture and history a mere three hours flight away from London. Our eyes wide open and all other senses constantly prodded to wake up and take more in. As we shopped for our breakfast and chose our café, we got to experience the real Morocco. Here, nothing is set up or sold for tourists. (Yet.) Because Mohamed knows everybody and literally speaks everybody’s (body) language we got to meet the most interesting people to chat to and interact with. Truly a day to treasure forever.
— Laura, Miller & Storm
A unique and very authentic experience, we have never before seen that many donkeys gathered at the same place!
— Toppi
Without Emma and Mohamed on hand we would never have witnessed the curiosities of the early morning souk or experienced a traditional meshoui sat on stunning headland by firelight watching the sun set over the dunes.
— Ali
What made it particularly special, were the excursions Emma organised for us - a trip with Mohamed to a non-touristy market and lunch at a shack on his land overlooking a remote beach.
— Fiona
Well worth the visit to the Berber Souk, you will not experience anything quite like this!
— Grainne